Reasons you should consider becoming a medical assistant


Have you just graduated from high school and now you are thinking of taking up a course that has something to do with the medical field? If so, then you might want to consider getting a medical assistant certification.

Being a medical assistant or MA has a lot of benefits, and it will surely open up the doors for a lot of opportunities when it comes to career growth and development.

Becoming a medical assistant

hdhdd764If you want to become a medical assistant, you must first enroll in a program that will allow you to earn the certificate. As much as possible, you need to choose the best school that can provide you with the knowledge and skills in order for you to become a good medical assistant.

So, what are the benefits that you can get from being an MA? Take a look at the following:

Work in different types of facilities

Some medical jobs are limited to hospitals, but being a medical assistant will allow you to work in various work places. You can work at the hospitals, clinics, and other health care offices.

Build rapport with people

Medical assistants usually interview patients as they fill up their medical records. This is the time when you will be able to build a relationship with them. In some cases, the patients will tell you things that they won’t even tell their own doctors. This is what makes medical assistants feel very special. At the end of the day, making friends with other people will give you that feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

More job opportunities

Another good reason you should consider enrolling in a medical assistant program is that this will give you access to a lot of job opportunities like what we have said earlier. Over the past few years, the demand for MA’s has rapidly increased. This is because more and more hospitals and clinics are being set up to accommodate the needs of the patients.

Will help improve your skills

hgdhdd764Being a medical assistant will also help you enhance your skills. You will learn how to perform administrative duties and responsibilities. You will also get to assist doctors and other health care professionals. You won’t have to worry about having a boring day because you will always have things that will keep you preoccupied. Being busy with work will make you feel good at the end of the day.

Common Mistakes Done By New Mums


Parents make mistakes. The new mums mainly do These free certain mistakes. Knowing them can keep you from committing them yourself.  For instance, they are known for panicking over everything and anything. You will also find them having overblown emotions. These issues can end up wasting much of your baby’s life. Avoiding some of these mistakes will make you a good mum. Going through this mommy insider blog will help you in learning the best ways of bringing up your infant.

Not letting the infant cry out

Some of these mothers believe that they must ensure that the baby or child is not crying. Most of them tend to associate crying with something wrong that needs to be fixed. The reality is that young children have to cry because they are designed to do so. This is the main reason why you find them crying even they are properly fed or diapered. mom cuddling a kid

This is how babies communicate. However, this does not prevent your from cuddling or consoling them. Crying is part and parcel of every baby. In some cases, it can be a clear indication that something is wrong with the baby. There might be something unusual if the baby becomes inconsolable for long. You should call a paediatrician when the baby has a swollen stomach, fever, or a rash.

Confusing vomit and spit-up

The main difference between vomit and spit-up is frequency. A spit-up can fly across your room. Vomiting is experienced more frequently than spiting up. For instance, it can occur or come after every half or one hour regardless of feeding. Spitting-up is mainly related to feeding.

Neglecting oral care

Most parents are known for neglecting the oral health of the newborns until it is very late. You are encouraged to take care of your child’s oral hygiene even when he is very young. The following are some of the helpful tips that can help you in taking care of your baby’s oral brushing teeth

  • Wiping down his gums with wet gauze- A toothbrush should be used when the child turns 1.
  • Once his teeth have erupted, you should avoid feeding the infant with milk in bed
  • Giving the child enough fluoride- This mineral is required for the formation of strong and healthy teeth

Waking the infant to breastfed him

Breastfed babies should be given enough time to sleep. In fact, they can sleep throughout the night. New mums believe that this milk is not enough to get the infants through the night. Both the moms their infants should get enough sleep.

How to start a relationship with a girl


Many things in life can be learned from books and other media, but relationships are an entirely different subject and no matter how much education you have, wondering what to say to a girl you like can be the most confusing thing for a man. In this article we will give you a few tips and not any corny lines as that will make you look cheesy.

Be a gentleman

Most girls would like to be treated with respect, and in fact, kfsgnthat should be the norm in society. No matter what family she comes from or the upbringing she has had, a woman would appreciate you if you respect her. It is always nice to start with introducing yourself. A simple “Hello, my name is John, what’s your name” would be much better than any pickup line. Some people say you must be more aggressive with a girl, but this is not the best. If she say’s that she is busy, give her some space, as this will show her that you want her to feel comfortable and that you are not too pushy.

Do things she likes

It is important to find out what she likes. You can do this stealthily by talking to friends of hers or people you both know. Do not be a weird stalker and follow her around. If you learn that she likes flowers, you can use that to break the ice by taking her some and introducing yourself.

Always be honest

One area that you cannot avoid in a relationship or even when you want to know someone is honesty. If you like a girl, just tell her that you do, but be nice about it. Tell her that you think she is pretty and ask her if she would like to hang out with you and get a coffee. Do not talk about dinners or dates immediately as this can scare a girl off immediately.

Do not talk about sex

jdyymsMany men get it wrong when they see a girl they like, and soon their blood starts pumping in the wrong direction. While it is only natural for a man and a woman to become intimate physically after some time, rushing it can be the worst thing. If you let the girl show you when she is ready, it would be a much better bond, and both of you will cherish it.

Best Ways To Handle Depression

Depression is a common problem that many people experience in the modern society. Several events and situations happen in our lives that we tend to translate to depression. While it might be difficult to prevent all the bad things happening to our lives, then truth is that we can always manage our depressions. You first need to understand that living with depression is very dangerous to your health. This is because it can open doors for many diseases that can actually ruin your life. The following is a simple guideline that can help you handle depression if you have it.


One of the best ways that you can use to handle stress and depression is by reading motivational pieces. One of the reasons why people get depressed is because they lose hope for one reason or the other. The good thing is that there are many books and magazines that have been written to encourage people like you. Some of those pieces contain a few quotes when feeling depressed, can be of great help to you. They will give you a reason why you should forget about your stress and focus on the positive side of life.

Healthy lifestyle

It is quite unfortunate that the lifestyles that people are leading in this modern era are not encouraging. As a matter of fact, the lifestyle contributes a lot to the depression that most people experience. It is recommendable that whenever you feel depressed, take some time and try to figure out the cause of your depression. If you can identify the cause, then it will be simpler for you to deal with the depression. You also need to start taking the right diet. If you have not been engaging in regular exercises, then this is the right time to start. It will help you greatly to recover from your stress.


When you are depressed, you need to think of the people that you can comfortably relate with. Being related to a supportive relationship during these moments can be very helpful in helping you to manage your depression. Those people that we love are in a better position of taking the depression away from us. So it is good to ensure that you have a good relationship with your loved ones. Sometimes, people get depressed simply because they have a bad relationship with those people that they love.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Human Resource Software


The process of Selecting a proper HR management software that fits all of an organization specific needs is a tedious one. The best management software makes the life of employees better while a wrong one exposes them to too much work. The best software will result in minimal errors, production increase and future implementation of the best strategies. Click on the highlighted link for the payroll software for small business in india. There are different kinds of management software with varying features and some of the factors to consider when selecting one include:

Identifying business needs or the primary goals.


HR software tends to perform a wide variety of task, however, extra costs are normally incurred on every available feature present. Therefore, you should take time and critically analyze just what the business priorities. Since the HR department contains many roles, selecting a software that properly aids in duty performance.


Cost and Return on Investment(R.O.I) where not only the price whether cheap or expensive of the software is considered but also how the HR software will pay off in the future. The business should be able to mostly supplement most of the human capital with software for example instead of relying on employees for manual works like data entry, instead come up with a software that enhances efficiency in that it lightens work load. Most of the HR software have got basic features such as handling payroll so proper time is needed to concentrate on the program that will fit needs based on price.

Intuitive user interface

Adoption of an Intuitive User Interface(UI)  where by the software should be easy to use and intuitive to any appropriate employee. The user interfaces are designed to anticipate the users on what they might need to do hence they contain elements easy to understand and access. A complex interface promotes work load which contrasts benefits the HR software is supposed to bring.

Different alternatives

Familiarizing yourself to each of the  HR software with a free trial. Testing of the free trial versions from trusted vendors will help in cost and time savings cause the first-hand experience gotten will help in first-hand identification of important features and also highlighting of the possible issues.



Scalability through the adoption of a strategic workforce planning process.The software chosen should not only be the latest and greatest but also it should be able to accommodate future company growth. This is mostly achievable by considering features and available updates on the software.The key issue is a proper understanding of how both the vendor and the company intend to grow over time.

Selecting a proper software requires adequate preparation time, research and critical decision making. Knowledge on how the particular vendor’s product will help in the company’s succession and growth is appropriate.



Responsible service of alcohol


One of the common and sometimes expected part of any drinking experience is getting drunk or drunken behavior. Changing the community’s acceptance towards drunkenness as a problem can sometimes prove challenging. The RSA Course Bendigo helps you understand responsible service of alcohol. Here are some of the issues that will go a long way in supporting responsible service of alcohol.

Creating support and expectation for licensed settings


If there is the creation of support and expectations for licensed settings, then it should be easier to encourage responsible drinking. This strategy will also play a huge role in reducing alcohol-related issues especially for on and off premises. Also, with strict but responsible service laws and regulation, there is reduced likelihood that others might cause harm to you and your family.

Minimizing damage when running promotions

Responsible service of alcohol takes into account different measures put in place to reduce cases of alcohol related harm. Responsible drinking not only applies to liquor joints, bar or restaurants but also when running various promotions. That said, to effect responsible drinking when running promotions it’s important to limit the number of drinks that should be purchased on each visit to the bar.

If there is a limit on how much individuals should consume during a promotion, then patrons wouldn’t have to consume more than expected. Additionally, limiting the alcohol consumption rate as well as employing additional staff such as RSA Marshalls can go a long way in the monitoring alcohol consumption in the course of the promotion.

 Advertising alcohol and deals outside the licensed venues

To promote responsible service of alcohol, it’s important to have a limit on what can be advertised outside the licensed premise. Any promotions that advertise free liquor in bulk or promotions that indicate the availability of alcohol which is cheaper than normal such as happy hours should be avoided.

Look after friends

Responsible service of alcohol not only applies to restriction in promotions but also to individuals. In so doing, if your friends seem to be getting drunk it’s vital that you slow down their drinking by giving them non-alcoholic drinks as an alternative. This also goes a long way in preventing them from being sent out of the premise due to drunkenness.

Understanding the on-premise regulations


It’s important to understand that bar staffs have a legal obligation to deny alcohol to anyone who might appear drunk. That being the case if you are denied alcohol given your current circumstance you need to accept and move on. Also, those working behind the bar should adhere to the rules and regulations governing responsible service of alcohol.



How To Motivate Your Employees

Regardless of the industry in which you operate in, keeping your members of staff of motivated is the key to great service delivery, which in return keeps your customers happy and satisfied. This motivates them to keep coming back to your business, leading to improved performance. Motivated employees are known to work harder and tend to me more innovative, thus helping your business gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Also, motivated they are likely remain loyal, thus reducing the need to keep hiring and training new employees, which may be costly and time-consuming.

Here below are some of the ways of how to motivate your employees

Creating a welcoming environment

A dull working environment cannot inspire your employees to give their best. It is important to create an environment that is warm and welcoming. Such an environment will help make your employees feel motivated to come to work and give their best. For you to achieve this objective, you need to:

  • Provide a physical space that is comfortable, appealing, and favorable to work from
  • Build a working relationship with members of your staff that can help promote voluntary excellence.

Investing in training

It is very important for you to provide training opportunities for members of your staff for them to advance their skills. This is a key factor when it comes to motivating them. There is nothing that kills the morale of your employees more than working a dead-end job, with no prospects of ever advancing.

The need for personal advancement is almost universal. This is because people want to improve their skills to achieve what they want in life. For this reason, providing training opportunities for your employees will help them feel that they are supported and appreciated. This will certainly make them feel more motivated to give their best.

Rewarding Good Work

It is a very good practice to appreciate your employees when they do well. There are various ways to do this, including:

  • Sending them an email to thank them,
  • Making a speech in the office to acknowledge them,
  • Offering performance incentives, including weekends away and team building activities.
  • Essentially, great rewarding work is a great way of making your employees more motivated to work harder.

Speaking to your employees

Holding open conversations with members of your staff is very critical when it comes to keeping them motivated to give their best. This is because it will help you discover that different personalities have a different definition of motivation. This will in return help you come up with personal plan that will take care of every employee’s expectation

Essentially, you may not have enough resources to meet everyone’s expectations, but regular conversations will help you understand what every employee needs. This will in return help you formalize a process that helps ensure that every employee is happy as he /she can be.

Surprising your employees

Because of doing the same thing every other day, employees tend to become bored and lose their enthusiasm. To ensure that your team does not get stuck in a rut, look for ways to break the cycle from time to time, whenever you can. For instance, you give each one of them a personalized gift, give them a surprise breakfast, or a day off. Essentially, try to make them feel excited about being part of your team by surprising them from time to time. This will certainly help keep their morale up all the time.


Keeping your staff excited about their work will help boost their productivity, leading to improved performance. This can only be achieved through proper motivation of your employees.

Choosing A Compensation Lawyer

Accidents and work-related injuries can sometimes be very difficult to avoid at workplaces.Lucky enough there exist laws that protect the rights of the workers and govern the procedures of compensation.This brings the need for a compensation lawyer who is experienced in the field of compensation and who can handle, advice and win compensation suits.Choosing a compensation lawyer can prove to be a very daunting task as this field is full of quacks who claim to understand this field and its procedures but possess minimal or no experience and qualifications at all.Many innocent people have fallen prey to their cunning tricks and ended up loosing money and cases alike.This can be very devastating to any worker, and by a larger extension the families of the workers as loosing on a genuine compensation case mean missing out on a fundamental right as a worker protected under the law. It is extremely important to note that this field of compensation is extremely technical and requires further specializations aside the normal qualifications a lawyer receives.

It can be a very easy and hassle free task of choosing a good lawyer anyone followed the following outlined and well-explained procedures: -Always seek advice from colleagues at your workplace, friends and even from family. This is particularly important in that some of them may have information about a good lawyer or may have had an experience dealing with the lawyers and their advice could be of very great help.

Choosing a compensation lawyer

Conduct a thorough search

The internet can be particularly helpful in helping anyone find a good and competent lawyer. Check the many lawyer directories available online, read the lawyers profiles and qualifications and then settle on who you deem the fittest for the job.

Seek the services of competent and established and reputable law firms around your town

An established law firm can be a good source of advice as they may be in a position to advise on whether they deal with compensation cases or not and they can even give contacts of other reputable firms that major in compensation cases. After locating a lawyer who you at least feel can stand for your case, conduct some quick interview on him or her.Ask about the level of qualifications they have attained, how much to expect from a particular compensation.Also, it is important to ask about the level of experience they have attained, how many compensation cases they have won before.By this, you can form a quick picture of what you expect and also make other further decisions.

Look at the model a lawyer uses for his compensation

Usually, consultation is offered for free, and it is always the case that the client only pays after winning a case.If the model of compensation is otherwise, it can be a good point to re-examine the decision as to why you settled for that particular attorney. Be advised to always search for the best attorney services as compensation is an important workers rights, and compensation laws are written to fully protect the worked at the workplaces.

Un hombre de pago

“Un hombre de pago”, en el bolsillo

Un hombre de pago llega a las librerías en edición de bolsillo. Lo ha publicado Umbriel en su sello Books4Pocket. Esta edición se suma a la publicada en formato trade y al ebook, que ha sacado la propia editorial a través de su plataforma.

Un hombre de pago inició, hace cinco años ya, la trilogía que continua con Una mujer como tú y en cuya tercera parte estoy trabajando. Primero, la invisibilidad. Después, la amistad entre mujeres. Y seguimos. De momento lo que tengo que hacer es buscar un nombre al trío porque de tanto referirme a él como la trilogía, así se va a quedar.Las peripecias vividas en la publicación de la primera de mis novelas han quedado anotadas en este blog.Me alegra que el libro continue vivo y a disposición de los lectores que se pregunten qué hace una mujer de mediana edad cuando ya no la miran. En este tiempo, me he trasladado. La conversación sobre la novela continua en se ha trasladado a mi nuevo hogar digital. Allí nos leemos.