Common Mistakes Done By New Mums


Parents make mistakes. The new mums mainly do These free certain mistakes. Knowing them can keep you from committing them yourself.  For instance, they are known for panicking over everything and anything. You will also find them having overblown emotions. These issues can end up wasting much of your baby’s life. Avoiding some of these mistakes will make you a good mum. Going through this mommy insider blog will help you in learning the best ways of bringing up your infant.

Not letting the infant cry out

Some of these mothers believe that they must ensure that the baby or child is not crying. Most of them tend to associate crying with something wrong that needs to be fixed. The reality is that young children have to cry because they are designed to do so. This is the main reason why you find them crying even they are properly fed or diapered. mom cuddling a kid

This is how babies communicate. However, this does not prevent your from cuddling or consoling them. Crying is part and parcel of every baby. In some cases, it can be a clear indication that something is wrong with the baby. There might be something unusual if the baby becomes inconsolable for long. You should call a paediatrician when the baby has a swollen stomach, fever, or a rash.

Confusing vomit and spit-up

The main difference between vomit and spit-up is frequency. A spit-up can fly across your room. Vomiting is experienced more frequently than spiting up. For instance, it can occur or come after every half or one hour regardless of feeding. Spitting-up is mainly related to feeding.

Neglecting oral care

Most parents are known for neglecting the oral health of the newborns until it is very late. You are encouraged to take care of your child’s oral hygiene even when he is very young. The following are some of the helpful tips that can help you in taking care of your baby’s oral brushing teeth

  • Wiping down his gums with wet gauze- A toothbrush should be used when the child turns 1.
  • Once his teeth have erupted, you should avoid feeding the infant with milk in bed
  • Giving the child enough fluoride- This mineral is required for the formation of strong and healthy teeth

Waking the infant to breastfed him

Breastfed babies should be given enough time to sleep. In fact, they can sleep throughout the night. New mums believe that this milk is not enough to get the infants through the night. Both the moms their infants should get enough sleep.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Human Resource Software


The process of Selecting a proper HR management software that fits all of an organization specific needs is a tedious one. The best management software makes the life of employees better while a wrong one exposes them to too much work. The best software will result in minimal errors, production increase and future implementation of the best strategies. Click on the highlighted link for the payroll software for small business in india. There are different kinds of management software with varying features and some of the factors to consider when selecting one include:

Identifying business needs or the primary goals.


HR software tends to perform a wide variety of task, however, extra costs are normally incurred on every available feature present. Therefore, you should take time and critically analyze just what the business priorities. Since the HR department contains many roles, selecting a software that properly aids in duty performance.


Cost and Return on Investment(R.O.I) where not only the price whether cheap or expensive of the software is considered but also how the HR software will pay off in the future. The business should be able to mostly supplement most of the human capital with software for example instead of relying on employees for manual works like data entry, instead come up with a software that enhances efficiency in that it lightens work load. Most of the HR software have got basic features such as handling payroll so proper time is needed to concentrate on the program that will fit needs based on price.

Intuitive user interface

Adoption of an Intuitive User Interface(UI)  where by the software should be easy to use and intuitive to any appropriate employee. The user interfaces are designed to anticipate the users on what they might need to do hence they contain elements easy to understand and access. A complex interface promotes work load which contrasts benefits the HR software is supposed to bring.

Different alternatives

Familiarizing yourself to each of the  HR software with a free trial. Testing of the free trial versions from trusted vendors will help in cost and time savings cause the first-hand experience gotten will help in first-hand identification of important features and also highlighting of the possible issues.



Scalability through the adoption of a strategic workforce planning process.The software chosen should not only be the latest and greatest but also it should be able to accommodate future company growth. This is mostly achievable by considering features and available updates on the software.The key issue is a proper understanding of how both the vendor and the company intend to grow over time.

Selecting a proper software requires adequate preparation time, research and critical decision making. Knowledge on how the particular vendor’s product will help in the company’s succession and growth is appropriate.



Responsible service of alcohol


One of the common and sometimes expected part of any drinking experience is getting drunk or drunken behavior. Changing the community’s acceptance towards drunkenness as a problem can sometimes prove challenging. The RSA Course Bendigo helps you understand responsible service of alcohol. Here are some of the issues that will go a long way in supporting responsible service of alcohol.

Creating support and expectation for licensed settings


If there is the creation of support and expectations for licensed settings, then it should be easier to encourage responsible drinking. This strategy will also play a huge role in reducing alcohol-related issues especially for on and off premises. Also, with strict but responsible service laws and regulation, there is reduced likelihood that others might cause harm to you and your family.

Minimizing damage when running promotions

Responsible service of alcohol takes into account different measures put in place to reduce cases of alcohol related harm. Responsible drinking not only applies to liquor joints, bar or restaurants but also when running various promotions. That said, to effect responsible drinking when running promotions it’s important to limit the number of drinks that should be purchased on each visit to the bar.

If there is a limit on how much individuals should consume during a promotion, then patrons wouldn’t have to consume more than expected. Additionally, limiting the alcohol consumption rate as well as employing additional staff such as RSA Marshalls can go a long way in the monitoring alcohol consumption in the course of the promotion.

 Advertising alcohol and deals outside the licensed venues

To promote responsible service of alcohol, it’s important to have a limit on what can be advertised outside the licensed premise. Any promotions that advertise free liquor in bulk or promotions that indicate the availability of alcohol which is cheaper than normal such as happy hours should be avoided.

Look after friends

Responsible service of alcohol not only applies to restriction in promotions but also to individuals. In so doing, if your friends seem to be getting drunk it’s vital that you slow down their drinking by giving them non-alcoholic drinks as an alternative. This also goes a long way in preventing them from being sent out of the premise due to drunkenness.

Understanding the on-premise regulations


It’s important to understand that bar staffs have a legal obligation to deny alcohol to anyone who might appear drunk. That being the case if you are denied alcohol given your current circumstance you need to accept and move on. Also, those working behind the bar should adhere to the rules and regulations governing responsible service of alcohol.