How to start a relationship with a girl


Many things in life can be learned from books and other media, but relationships are an entirely different subject and no matter how much education you have, wondering what to say to a girl you like can be the most confusing thing for a man. In this article we will give you a few tips and not any corny lines as that will make you look cheesy.

Be a gentleman

Most girls would like to be treated with respect, and in fact, kfsgnthat should be the norm in society. No matter what family she comes from or the upbringing she has had, a woman would appreciate you if you respect her. It is always nice to start with introducing yourself. A simple “Hello, my name is John, what’s your name” would be much better than any pickup line. Some people say you must be more aggressive with a girl, but this is not the best. If she say’s that she is busy, give her some space, as this will show her that you want her to feel comfortable and that you are not too pushy.

Do things she likes

It is important to find out what she likes. You can do this stealthily by talking to friends of hers or people you both know. Do not be a weird stalker and follow her around. If you learn that she likes flowers, you can use that to break the ice by taking her some and introducing yourself.

Always be honest

One area that you cannot avoid in a relationship or even when you want to know someone is honesty. If you like a girl, just tell her that you do, but be nice about it. Tell her that you think she is pretty and ask her if she would like to hang out with you and get a coffee. Do not talk about dinners or dates immediately as this can scare a girl off immediately.

Do not talk about sex

jdyymsMany men get it wrong when they see a girl they like, and soon their blood starts pumping in the wrong direction. While it is only natural for a man and a woman to become intimate physically after some time, rushing it can be the worst thing. If you let the girl show you when she is ready, it would be a much better bond, and both of you will cherish it.