Common Mistakes Done By New Mums


Parents make mistakes. The new mums mainly do These free certain mistakes. Knowing them can keep you from committing them yourself.  For instance, they are known for panicking over everything and anything. You will also find them having overblown emotions. These issues can end up wasting much of your baby’s life. Avoiding some of these mistakes will make you a good mum. Going through this mommy insider blog will help you in learning the best ways of bringing up your infant.

Not letting the infant cry out

Some of these mothers believe that they must ensure that the baby or child is not crying. Most of them tend to associate crying with something wrong that needs to be fixed. The reality is that young children have to cry because they are designed to do so. This is the main reason why you find them crying even they are properly fed or diapered. mom cuddling a kid

This is how babies communicate. However, this does not prevent your from cuddling or consoling them. Crying is part and parcel of every baby. In some cases, it can be a clear indication that something is wrong with the baby. There might be something unusual if the baby becomes inconsolable for long. You should call a paediatrician when the baby has a swollen stomach, fever, or a rash.

Confusing vomit and spit-up

The main difference between vomit and spit-up is frequency. A spit-up can fly across your room. Vomiting is experienced more frequently than spiting up. For instance, it can occur or come after every half or one hour regardless of feeding. Spitting-up is mainly related to feeding.

Neglecting oral care

Most parents are known for neglecting the oral health of the newborns until it is very late. You are encouraged to take care of your child’s oral hygiene even when he is very young. The following are some of the helpful tips that can help you in taking care of your baby’s oral brushing teeth

  • Wiping down his gums with wet gauze- A toothbrush should be used when the child turns 1.
  • Once his teeth have erupted, you should avoid feeding the infant with milk in bed
  • Giving the child enough fluoride- This mineral is required for the formation of strong and healthy teeth

Waking the infant to breastfed him

Breastfed babies should be given enough time to sleep. In fact, they can sleep throughout the night. New mums believe that this milk is not enough to get the infants through the night. Both the moms their infants should get enough sleep.