How To Motivate Your Employees

Regardless of the industry in which you operate in, keeping your members of staff of motivated is the key to great service delivery, which in return keeps your customers happy and satisfied. This motivates them to keep coming back to your business, leading to improved performance. Motivated employees are known to work harder and tend to me more innovative, thus helping your business gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Also, motivated they are likely remain loyal, thus reducing the need to keep hiring and training new employees, which may be costly and time-consuming.

Here below are some of the ways of how to motivate your employees

Creating a welcoming environment

A dull working environment cannot inspire your employees to give their best. It is important to create an environment that is warm and welcoming. Such an environment will help make your employees feel motivated to come to work and give their best. For you to achieve this objective, you need to:

  • Provide a physical space that is comfortable, appealing, and favorable to work from
  • Build a working relationship with members of your staff that can help promote voluntary excellence.

Investing in training

It is very important for you to provide training opportunities for members of your staff for them to advance their skills. This is a key factor when it comes to motivating them. There is nothing that kills the morale of your employees more than working a dead-end job, with no prospects of ever advancing.

The need for personal advancement is almost universal. This is because people want to improve their skills to achieve what they want in life. For this reason, providing training opportunities for your employees will help them feel that they are supported and appreciated. This will certainly make them feel more motivated to give their best.

Rewarding Good Work

It is a very good practice to appreciate your employees when they do well. There are various ways to do this, including:

  • Sending them an email to thank them,
  • Making a speech in the office to acknowledge them,
  • Offering performance incentives, including weekends away and team building activities.
  • Essentially, great rewarding work is a great way of making your employees more motivated to work harder.

Speaking to your employees

Holding open conversations with members of your staff is very critical when it comes to keeping them motivated to give their best. This is because it will help you discover that different personalities have a different definition of motivation. This will in return help you come up with personal plan that will take care of every employee’s expectation

Essentially, you may not have enough resources to meet everyone’s expectations, but regular conversations will help you understand what every employee needs. This will in return help you formalize a process that helps ensure that every employee is happy as he /she can be.

Surprising your employees

Because of doing the same thing every other day, employees tend to become bored and lose their enthusiasm. To ensure that your team does not get stuck in a rut, look for ways to break the cycle from time to time, whenever you can. For instance, you give each one of them a personalized gift, give them a surprise breakfast, or a day off. Essentially, try to make them feel excited about being part of your team by surprising them from time to time. This will certainly help keep their morale up all the time.


Keeping your staff excited about their work will help boost their productivity, leading to improved performance. This can only be achieved through proper motivation of your employees.